Slackware Installation and Configuration Notes

created: 2016/12/22
updated: 2017/01/08

I am running Slackware 14.2 on a couple of machines, but the primary one is on a virtual machine: VM VirtualBox 5.02 Host Linux Mint 17.2 Client Slackware 14.2

I decide to try it out because it is calorie and systemd free!!

I have been taking some notes as I go thru the process of installing, configuring and setting up a few applications. I going to share my notes as others might find them useful Most of this information is available elsewhere but I found many of the Slackware sources to be rather terse. Perhaps my notes will help if you are hunting for a quick how-to recipe.

Slackware Installation

Slackware Wireless Configuration

Slackware User Comfort Configuration

SlackBuild Mounting Encrypted File as a Disk

Recover from missing initrd ramdisk

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